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Company History:Talk Fusion's legendary story of a revolutionary vision of the determination and implementation began.In 2004, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina wanted to send an email to the 10-second video to friends. America Online said that it is not possible, Bob believed that it is still possible.  
IT is a genius with the help of his friend and experience, together with the seemingly impossible has been achieved and perfected the idea of ​​fitting the Video Email.In 2007, the United States starting from the crystal-clear Video Email Our product's success quickly spread throughout the world. Today, Talk Fusion continues worldwide expansion.  
We found in 200 countries and we are the world's eighth the largest online video content provider, preventing a huge companies such as Yahoo, AOL, Viacom, CBS and Megavideo.The Talk Fusion succeeded in uniting the world, the ever-changing era of communication. 
This phenomenon, which is an excellent Video Email Product was launched, now eight high-end video communication products developed - Video Email, Video Blog, Video Sharing, Video Newsletter, Video Automatic Response From this subscription form, Video Conferencing and Fusion Wall is our 3-D community and our business network, which changed the face of social media.Today, the vast majority of Internet video is uploaded to social networking sites. 2013, it is estimated that 60% of all online video content will be.  
Talk Fusion is perfectly situated to take advantage of this trend.The key to the Talk Fusion Video Communications Product of the world-class service and ongoing passion for changing people's lives. This desire is the founder and CEO Bob Reina enthusiasm for life, love and people from the dream comes to help more people to live their lives according to their own interpretation.
Talk Fusion is the company that insists on ethical business behavior. Existing thousands of MLM companies, we rank it your Direct Selling Association (DSA) are among 200 members. We are also in the Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI) members also belong. This organization is selected to oversee the implementation of direct sales and professional ethics.
Talk Fusion is a fully accredited business of the (BBB) 

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